2017 Applications

We are looking for 4 volunteers to join our 2017 Core PTDOS Team! 

PTDOS operations depend on the dedication and effort of a talented and passionate group of volunteers. This year, we would love to extend the opportunity for you to join us! Applications can be found here and further descriptions of each role can be found below. Please submit completed applications to info@PTDayofService.com. All applications are due by Monday, March 27th at 11:59pm EST! 

Social Media Team

1 position open - PR Rep - Help us tell the unique stories of PTDOS! 

The Social Media team helps tell the story of PTDOS and drives many of our efforts. We are looking for one individual to be in charge of our Public Relations, to help organize, develop, and coordinate materials to promote the initiative. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the Social Media Team as a whole and the PR rep specifically, click here.  

Web and Graphics Team

1 position open - Graphics Lead - Create a visual experience for all PTDOS participants! 

The Web and Graphics Team creates unique content, visuals, and crafts strategy to create a great experience when participants interact with PT Day of Service. We are looking for one individual to be in charge of our graphic design and development. This position is unique in that the individual will get to work directly with all PTDOS teams to develop images and videos that provide resources and tell the stories of PTDOS. No graphic design experience necessary! Click here to get more information on the Web and Graphics Team, as well as the graphics lead's specific responsibilities. 

Global Affairs Team

1 position open - Global Affairs Team Member - Join this team to help us reach every corner of the world!

Last year, PTDOS participation spanned across 42 countries, thanks in large part to the efforts of our Global Affairs (GA) Team. The GA Team is responsible for outreach to countries outside of the United States. Each GA Team Member has a unique experience communicating with members of our profession across the globe and develops an international network of professionals passionate about service. Check out more about the GA Teams roles and responsibilities, here

Comm & Outreach Team

1 position open - Communications and Outreach Team Member - Help us dive deeper and cast our net wider!

The Communications and Outreach (C&O) Team is the power operating behind the scenes of PTDOS. The C&O Team helps with many elements of PTDOS, including the communications, resources, and support each individual receives at every level of participation. Volunteers will have the chance to help refine outreach efforts for PTDOS's mass communications, while ensuring every individual participant has a great experience. Click here to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of the C&O Team.