Ambassadors: The heart of PTDOS

Ambassadors are our grassroots organizers who recruit volunteers, coordinate a service site and help to spread the word about the day. They can act on their own within their community, or they can do so on behalf of their company/university.

When you pledge to serve as an ambassador, you will receive an ambassador toolkit with information on how to set up a service project, pre-written form letters to help you recruit participants, and several more helpful items. The PTDOS team is also always at your service to help answer questions and support your efforts. 

To become an ambassador, sign up in the PLEDGE FORM. Or, if you've already made your participation pledge, but would now like to serve as an ambassador, please contact us.

If you are a current ambassador searching for a place to serve, consider browsing through our list of databases to find local opportunities. 

This year, we are proud to introduce our ambassador world map! Explore the map below or click here to search for a PTDOS Ambassador in your area! All blue pins are current ambassadors; pink pins include details of service projects supplied by our current ambassadors.