Company Spotlight: Tx:Team

We are pleased to announce our first Company Spotlight on the #PTDOS blog. This week's company spotlight is on Tx: Team. Tx:Team has #PTDOS participants in 6 states with 16 different teams working in their community to "give back." Learn more below!

Written by: Ann Hightower

Why are you passionate about service?

It is always remarkable to me the incredible servant hearts that we have working for us at Tx:Team.  All our associates, whether they be clinicians or support staff, are dedicated to the work we do with our patients in all our facilities throughout all our states.

When we started making plans in the beginning of the year for a platform to increase the energy of our company and associates, community service was brought up many times throughout our conversations.  It was wonderful to see that no matter where our associates lived, besides the work they do in our clinics, they wanted to do more in the communities.  Hearing this feedback ignited our leadership team as well to work together with a newly created Voltage Task Force to unveil our first annual Tx:Team Day of Service.

Tell us your favorite service memory. 

A great Tx:Team service memory is not so much a “doing” as it is a “giving” moment.  For the past ten years, we have contributed to Hospice of Frederick County in Frederick, MD.  Hospice is an amazing group of people who are dedicated to providing the best for those in the advanced stages of a life-limiting illness.  In supporting their cause, we are so thankful to know that not only those who need this type of care are receiving it, but also the families are taken care of.  Through Tx:Team donations, we helped support the Kline Hospice House, a home designed with comfort, family, and relaxation in mind as well as Camp Jamie, an annual weekend experience for grieving children designed with all volunteers to provide companionship, support, friendship and attention for each child ages first grade to 14 years old.

With our plans unfolding for participating in our first Tx:Team Day of Service and PTDOS, we are looking forward to making many new memories for years to come!

How has servant leadership impacted your professional career?

The best way to answer this question might be said ideally through our Vision Statement and reaches much farther into our communities than merely the work we do with our patients. 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible. By harnessing the collective power of our therapists’ hands and minds to heal, we create an environment of health, wellness, and vitality for our patients, our associates, our partners, and our communities.
— Tx:Team Vision Statement

What are your service plans for PTDOS?

We purposely planned our first annual Tx:Team Day of Service to coincide with PTDOS.  After learning about the organization and their efforts, it was a perfect fit to work together toward the common goal of giving back to our communities.

Throughout all six states and sixteen teams, Tx:Team associates began donation campaigns October 1st.  We have some teams donating to the local homeless shelter, some collecting for Thanksgiving food drives for their local food banks, and then others campaigning for items needed at the Kline Hospice House.

Donations have already started pouring in and we are eager as a leadership team to hear our associates’ stories, see their pictures, and share in their excitement for giving.