Program of the Day: East Tennessee State University

PTDOS is proud to introduce our newest feature: Program of the Day. Each school chosen will be featured on the PTDOS website and students from the program will take over PTDOS social media for a full day. 

The PTDOS team is proud to introduce our first Program of the Day: East Tennessee State University! Check out what they have planned for October 17th, below, and lookout for updates all day on Wednesday, Sep 16th, from ETSU students under the #PTDOS. 

Congratulations ETSU DPT students! Thank you for your incredible leadership and all of the wonderful work you are doing in your community on behalf of our profession! 

written by Alexis Morgan, SPT

East Tennessee State University’s Department of Physical Therapy is so excited about our involvement in PTDOS! Planning PTDOS has given all of us DPT students a chance to grow, connect, and challenge ourselves both personally and professionally; most importantly, planning PTDOS rekindled our passion for service.

In Northeast Tennessee, 88% of households are struggling to get enough food for their families. 88%! Upon hearing this statistic, we were driven to do something and decided to host a food drive in our ETSU DPT department.

You’ve heard the saying “2 are better than 1,” right? How about “10 are better than 2?” We’ve experienced just that type of growth within our ETSU PTDOS Planning Committee. We met for the first time in August not knowing how or where we wanted to serve. Since then, our plans and initiatives have grown exponentially!

ETSU DPT is hosting a giant food drive in the weeks leading up to October 17! We want not only our own ETSU students to get involved, but also the clinicians in the community. In order to increase participation, we’re planning several events such as a PT Pub Night, 5k run/walk, and a running workshop. Our goals are three-fold: 1) feed the hungry in our community 2) establish relationships with fellow professionals and 3) educate our community on who we are and how we can help as (future) physical therapists.

Let’s join together as future PTs & PTAs to make differences in our communities all around the world. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”