Program of the Day: Rockhurst University

The PTDOS team is proud to introduce our Program of the Day: Rockhurst University! Check out what they have planned for October 17th, below, and lookout for updates all day on Wednesday, Sep 23rd, from Rockhurst University students under the #PTDOS. 

Written by Julie Perrini, SPT, and Nick Alford, SPT

Physical therapy students and faculty at Rockhurst Univesity strive to implement two core Jesuit values that stand out when discussing service, cura personalis and magis. Cura personalis is often explained as care of the whole person, including mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual influences.  Magis is described as “more”, or going beyond what is expected.  Magis is a call to strive for excellence. These core values are foundational to how we approach service to others.  As PTs, PTAs, and students, we are all provided with amazing opportunities to provide health care for those with physical impairments.  If we consider cura personalis and magis, we strive to care for all facets of the person and challenge ourselves to develop professionally in order to better serve others. If we let these core values take root in our lives and practice, our interactions with our patients, friends, families, and communities take on new meaning. We begin to view others through a new lens that broadens our perspectives and allows us to better appreciate and connect with those around us.  

Rockhurst University Physical Therapy faculty and students are enthusiastic about joining others around the world through PT Day of Service, embracing our common values of service and reflecting on magis and cura personalis.  We have several ongoing service projects that include our annual Fall Prevention Day, a monthly pro-bono health clinic, an annual PT/OT service immersion trip to Ecuador, Parent’s Night Out, Variety KC Go Baby GO!, Special Olympics, STEAM events, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, community screenings for  motor development and balance of older adults, and sponsoring a family during the holidays.

Our faculty and students will be fully engaged in the global PT Day of Service through a multi-pronged approach.  Some will be conducting Score One for Health screenings for children in inner city schools.  Some will be teaming up with engineering students to build power mobility for special needs infants and toddlers in the KC area. Some will be providing fall risk screenings at a local assisted living facility.  Additionally, our students will be working together to donate clothes, products, and socks in our second annual “Socktober”, a competitive event between classes that was developed to provide for the winter needs of those living in local homeless shelters.   As we draw closer to this PT Day of Service, we can reflect on our magis by asking a few questions:  “What have I done for others in the past?” “What am I doing for others now?” and “What more could I do for others in the future?”    

Please share in the comments below about your current service projects and how you will be serving for PT Day of Service today and in the future! We are driven with a passion to serve and collaborate with others to help make a positive impact this year for the Global PT Day of Service!