PTDOS 2016: The Day and Beyond

Efosa and Josh discuss results from 2015 and what is new for the PT Day of Service 2016


In 2015, we started a question with two simple words: what if?

Just a few months later, those two words led to the development of an international movement that united our profession in acts of service. On October 17, 2015, we held our first PT Day of Service.

The response of the PT community and the results from last year were astounding. Together, we gathered nearly 4,000 participants from all 50 states in the United States and 28 countries across the globe. Countless new service projects were started on that day, including some that have now become sustainable: a group of students who built a wheelchair ramp for PTDOS last year have found a greater need and regularly build more ramps in their community, providing greater accessibility for all; an aquatics class that started as a one time event had a big turnout and has now became a recurring class for community members. These examples have proven that one small act can set us on a trajectory of positive change, and positive changes across the world can help us transform society.

As we embark on PT Day of Service 2016, our focus is on the day and beyond. We are excited to introduce three new areas of innovation for 2016 that will allow PT Day of Service and all of its participants to effectuate the most positive change:

  1. Improved service project coordination. Ambassadors will be asked to start a project on VolunteerSpot, making it easier to recruit participants and coordinate efforts for the day. We have also introduced an Ambassadors Facebook group to facilitate networking and discussion amongst those leading service projects.

  2. More resources for sustainable and responsible service. Keep an eye out for our new social media feature, Sustainable Sundays. We also have an entire team dedicated to supporting ambassadors and promoting positive and empowering engagement with each community we touch.

  3. Three new pathways for donations and sponsorships that will exponentially increase our impact. All proceeds from PTDOS will be directed towards the below three initiatives, as well as the Non Profit organization Move Together Inc, which will be handling the operations and management of the actions with and dedications to said programs. Each initiative below will be featured in its own blog post in the coming months. Proceeds will:

    1.  Improve Communities Locally: our Pro Bono Incubator will help facilitate innovation in underserved areas across the country.
    2.  Better Communities Abroad: we are working with the Quique Ceron foundation to enhance the quality and sustainability of services delivered in Quique's clinic in Esquipulas, Guatemala.
    3.  Transform Society through Movement: we partnered with StandUp Kids, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to getting standing desks for kids at every elementary school across the country.  

We are also incredibly excited to be working with a passionate and talented team of 21 volunteers this year. Their efforts will help make it possible for our profession to reach further and deeper into communities. We thank them for all they are doing to improve the coordination and execution of the day.

PT Day of Service represents the best of who we are as a profession and demonstrates the impact we can have when we unite in common effort.

Join us today by pledging as a participant, ambassador, and/or sponsor. Let's show the world that compassion can be manifested into action as we come together to create positive ripples across the world.

-Efosa and Josh