PTDOS 2016: Impact Beyond the Day

This is part 1 of 4 introducing where funds from sponsorships and donations will be directed for PTDOS this year. We will be featuring one donation pathway each month leading up to PT Day of Service!


Since the start of PT Day of Service, we have always hoped to create positive, long lasting ripples of change. Last year and since we have seen this in the form of participants continuing their acts and projects of service throughout the year. This year, we are excited to take the notion of sustainable change a step further by fundraising for multiple initiatives through sponsorships and individual donations.

Our eyes are set for the physical therapy profession to have a widespread impact on the world, as we: work to support communities locally, improve communities abroad, and transform society through movement.

Funds raised in 2016 will go towards making this year a success and to three programs spread around the world: the Pro Bono Incubator, the Quique Ceron Foundation, and StandUp Kids. Donations will also go towards the enhancement and management of Move Together, Inc., who is directing and housing PTDOS this year.

Below is a quick description of each donation pathway. Stay tuned over the next three months as we introduce and feature each program leading up to PT Day of Service.

Help us make a sustainable impact by joining us as a sponsor, today!

Supporting Communities Locally: The Pro Bono Incubator is an application based program that grants funds to individuals or groups to renovate an existing pro bono physical therapy clinic or start a new pro bono clinic for underserved individuals in their community. The program is operated by Move Together, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, who will release applications for the program in November 2016. Your donation will allow Move Together to provide assistance, encourage innovation, and reach more communities through effective service. For further information or questions about the program, please contact Ciara Burgi, the Program Lead, at


Improving Communities Abroad: The Quique Ceron Foundation was founded by Quique Ceron, after he suffered a traumatic injury in 2010. Through Quique’s experience of searching for and receiving therapy himself, he realized that many others in his community had low access, exposure, and awareness to rehabilitation. Since starting the clinic in Esquipulas, Guatemala, it has grown to attract patients from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The clinic operates with one full time physical therapist and uses a fully sustainable model, so patients can be seen throughout the entire year. Quique also brings in groups of health clinicians and students to treat in the clinic, allowing more patients to be treated, and providing international clinicians the chance to work with local clinicians. To peek into the community Quique is creating, visit the Foundation’s Facebook page. The donations we are raising through PTDOS will help with clinic enhancement efforts by way of providing needed equipment and supporting collaborative efforts of improving clinic logistics and operations, so as to maximize intervention quality and clinic volume. Contact April Fajardo at for more information.

Quique Ceron and a recent team of PT's supporting the clinic

Quique Ceron and a recent team of PT's supporting the clinic

Quique's clinic is run in a sustainable fashion to maximize their impact

Quique's clinic is run in a sustainable fashion to maximize their impact


Transforming Society through Movement: StandUp Kids works to provide education on the health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles.  The organization coordinates standing desk donations to schools to create an environment where children can become healthier and more active.  “The mission of StandUpKids is to get every public school child at a standing desk in 10 years, to combat the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles and inactivity, and to better reflect 21st century education goals.” For more information, visit their website at and learn more about the difference between standing versus sitting. Also, make sure to check out the feature of StandUpKids on NBC Nightly News, below. Donations through PTDOS will go directly towards getting standing desks in schools around the United States.



Please don’t hesitate to contact Efosa ( or Josh ( with any further questions on the donation pathways.

Each person that participates, promotes, or donates in any of the efforts of PTDOS is part of the movement to better communities around the world. We thank you for your consideration in joining us on this journey. So much is possible when we come together.